IFS LGBTQI+ Affinity Consultation Group

This IFS consultation group is for IFS clinicians with lived experience as an LGBTQI+ person who would benefit from or prefer to do consultation in affinity.


IFS Consultation Group for Clinicians Working with LGBTQI+ Clients

This IFS group consultation is open to any IFS clinicians wanting to be in consultation with others working with LGBTQI+ clients.

It is 90 minutes once a month, and groups are between 3-5 people. Currently, these groups are offered on Monday and Friday mornings (EST) over Zoom. The cost is $100/group session. 25% of proceeds for all group consultations will be used to support programming for LGBTQ+ people through SAYFTEE, a socially conscious group practice in the Boston area.

This group consultation is approved by the IFS Institute for those interested in IFS certification. For more information about IFS group consultations, please contact Nic.


Individual clinical consultation

Nic offers individual consultation for clinicians working with queer, transgender and gender diverse individuals. Their approach is grounded in gender affirming care and the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. Nic’s warm presence and guidance creates a supportive environment that allows for greater clarity and confidence regarding one’s clinical work. They are currently providing consultation remotely, and clinicians can seek out one time consults or on-going support. IFS consultation with Nic has been approved by the IFS Institute to count toward IFS certification. Contact Nic for more information.